Evergreen Wilderness Guides

A small local family business specializing in beginner to expert wilderness adventures, rock climbing, bouldering, and wilderness survival instruction in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  We are Evergreen’s only Rock Climbing and Survival School.  Experience guided climbing and instructional courses at Staunton State Park, Clear Creek Canyon, Lover’s Leap, Cathedral Spires, North Table Mountain, and Aldefer/Three Sisters Park.   Customize your Colorado experience experience Evergreen with us.   Snowshoe/Winter Hiking, Bouldering and Survival courses are dependent upon snow levels in permitted areas.    EWG operates all year outside of family holidays and major snow storms.

We have courses located at Staunton State Park, Jefferson County Open Space Parks and Clear Creek Canyon Open Space.   Call us with any questions at (303) 968-0388 or email us at ClimbEWG@gmail.com     10% Veteran Discount

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Evergreen is a great town and special place.  Please drive slow for kids playing,  Elk, wildlife, hikers, bikers, cyclist, tourists, runners, sun glare, snow, rain, etc., we have it all.   Please respect Evergreen Lake and Bear Creek, and take your trash out with you.

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